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Mosquito Barrier Spray

Outdoor pest activity in Richmond, Williamsburg, and the remainder of Central Virginia can prevent you and your family from enjoying outdoor activities at your home. Not only are mosquitoes an annoyance, causing itchy painful bites, but they can also spread harmful diseases such as West Nile virus.


How does our Mosquito Barrier Spray Treatment work?

Our Mosquito Barrier Spray Treatment is an effective way to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes. Trained MosquitoXpress technicians will safely apply EPA-approved products in a barrier spray to your trees and shrubs every 21 days. These applications not only kill mosquitoes on contact but continue to repel for weeks of outdoor enjoyment. 

In addition to spraying for mosquitoes, our technicians will inspect your entire property for standing water that may harbor mosquito larvae. They will leave recommendations, in writing, on how to eliminate this ongoing threat. 


Get Mosquito Control All Season Long

Our Mosquito Barrier Control Program offers clients routine spraying every three weeks so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors throughout mosquito season. This service is automatic, so you don't even have to call to schedule!

Don't wait until mosquitoes and ticks become a nuisance to call MosquitoXpress. You can schedule your services at any time. Be sure to check out our seasonal specials, available to clients throughout the Central Virginia area. 


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