Natural Pest Control

If all natural is your preference MosquitoXpress offers a garlic spray alternative which works wonderfully for our neighbors in Richmond, Williamsburg and all Central Virginia areas.


What's Different about our Natural Alternative Mosquito Spray?

Garlic mosquito spray creates a barrier that lasts 14 days (versus 21 days for our synthetic product). Our Natural Alternative program will repel adult mosquitoes while coating the leaf surface of your landscape plants with natural sulfur contained in garlic juice, fending off entry from adjacent habitat. In addition to managing your adult mosquito population our MosquitoXpress technician will inspect your entire property for standing water that may harbor larvae and apply a larvicide as appropriate to interrupt the insect’s reproductive cycle.


Natural Alternative Mosquito Treatment - An Environmentally Friendly, Safe Solution

In addition to being an effective mosquito control treatment, our natural alternative is safe for use around children and pets, allowing you to feel secure that your property is being protected effectively.


How Can I Get Started with the Natural Alternative Mosquito Treatment?

If you're in Richmond, Williamsburg or anywhere throughout Central Virginia, call us today at 804-798-BITE (2483) for more details and pricing on our Natural Alternative Mosquito Treatment. You can schedule our services at any time. Also, be sure to check out our seasonal specials as we frequently offer money saving promotions and discounts for our mosquito and tick control services.